The Cantwell Road Association is open to all people who live in Cantwell Road, London, SE18.

It was formed in July 2012 to help neighbours work together to enjoy life, improve our environment and keep safe.
It came about after some of us met together during the informal street party for the Jubilee and thought it a shame we didn't do more together.

Having an association can help us deal with the Council or Utilities if we have problems with low water pressure, electricity supplies, refuse collection and the like. 
Other people, particularly our young members, are keen to see if we can improve the environment, for example by cleaning up and making use of the wooded area at the corner of Eglinton Hill and Cantwell Road.
We have joined the Neighbourhood Watch scheme so we can liaise better with the local Shooters Hill Safer Neighbourhoods Police Team. We share any information about crime between neighbours.

A key part of the association is to keep everyone informed. That's why we're collecting email addresses as it's so much easier than delivering printed newsletters. However, if you don't have email, we're hoping to develop a system to pass on information.

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